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Ahaad Alamoudi & Chen Luo


The contents of this book are a result
of a (re)collection of thought processes, originated throughout the creative fields
of design and fine art. What it looks to accomplish is enhancing communication through graphic and narrative expression of what it is to overlap creative and research methods.

Seeking to create new perspectives and contexts on cross-disciplinary methods of practice both technically and in terms of narrative, the week-long investigation seeks to enhance the creation of more opportunities for conversations ofcollaboration between expertise.

In art school, there is a notion to think
of the process of interdisciplinarity and collaborative quest as an orchestra — to imagine the collaborative as a group playing a melody together.

What this requires is an understanding
of the tools available. These tools are
not always apparent and are in need of investigation and acknowledgment; crossing the borders and entering circles of theuncharted. In that way, designers are able

to adapt, to harmonize with each other’s processes and workflows. The idea of interdependency is one that plays with theidea of cross-investigation and pollination. What the goal is, is to produce an artifact to spark conversation and exchange, creating more opportunities for future connections across disciplines and approaches to researching.

Participants worked in pairs;
some disappeared,
some bookbinded their methods and work in this book.

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