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The Brief

If you had to communicate the essence of your ways of practice, how would you do it on one A3 sheet? Is it a metaphor for how you trigger your creative processes? Is it by distilling the repetition of steps that you can never do without? Is it by writing a set of instructions, a recipe for creation? Is it by narrating how and why it is different every time?

Read the history of this project or see the archive.

How to contribute

If you wish to contribute, please write, illustrate, describe, design or occupy in any way you want a single-sided A3 sheet with any medium you wish that you can then send digitally as a PDF file.

We welcome previous participants to contribute again and would much appreciate if you share this open call amongst your network.

Please send your single-sided A3, PDF format entry to

Do include your complete name (or however you want to appear credited) with a one-sentence description about yourself and/or your background. Please reach out to us if you have any questions on this proposal. 

We hope that you decide to participate, and are looking forward to seeing snippets of your work!